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Attendance in class

We’ve now had three in-class pop quizzes.  As is explained in the syllabus, these quizzes are used to help verify attendance in class.  To quote

However, a 2.5% per quiz “attendance” score will be awarded to those who are in class and participate in four of the pop-quizzes. Note that there will probably be more than four pop-quizzes during the semester. You won’t know until afterwards which pop-quizzes are being used to verify attendance.

Just to clarify that last sentence: we are recording participation in all the pop quizzes, and at the end of the semester we will randomly select four of them which will be the ones that count for verifying attendance.

With that in mind I took a look at the statistics from the in-class quizzes we have had so far

  • 20 people have been present for all 3 quizzes
  • 10 have been present for 2 out of 3
  • 6 have been present for 1 out of 3
  • 4 have been present for no quizzes (!)

There is no substitute for showing up.

Quiz review, and information

A question was asked in class yesterday whether I could return your “pop quizzes” to you after you complete them in class, so that you could use them for review.  Remember that the pop quizzes are used to record your attendance.

I’d prefer to keep the quizzes that you have written, but to help you review I have posted copies of the last two pop quizzes, with solutions, in a new folder here.  I also posted solutions to the most recent “daily quiz”, again to help you review.  If enough people find that useful, I can continue posting these solutions.  Please use the comments to respond whether that would be useful to you or not.

The folder for the quiz solutions is also now linked from the “Course Notes” section of the Resources tab.


Follow up to Al Matyasovsky Presentation.

I have uploaded a PDF of Al’s slides.  You can find it at the link below:

Waste Mgmt Spring 2014 V3

Also, I found his tour of PSU’s waste management facilities very interesting when I took it a couple of years back.  You can contact him at aem3@psu.edu to find out when there is an opportunity.  Or comment below and if enough are interested, maybe we could arrange a group tour for this class.


Number of quiz attempts

A student sent me the following question:

“I just had a quick question about the daily quizzes. Normally, will we just have one attempt for them? And if not, is the average of the two scores taken or the best score of the two attempts? I understand that only the best 30 quizzes will be graded, but I was just curious about that. Thank you for your time!”

Most of the time we will allow you two attempts at each quiz, and ANGEL will automatically select the best score.  So you can’t hurt yourself by trying again!  – For some quizzes, though,  the questions are selected at random from a question bank, so that you may not get the exact same questions on your second attempt as you do the first time around.

If for some reason there is a quiz to which this policy doesn’t apply, we’ll let you know.