How to insert a table in your blog post

The text editor provided with PSU’s WordPress installation can do many things well, but it has no built-in support for constructing tables.  Since tables are a helpful way to display numerical information, you may want to use them in some of your posts.  How to include them?

Honestly the easiest way is to use cut and paste.  Below is a table showing the five most populated countries in the world in order of population.  I created this in Microsoft Excel, copied it to the clipboard, and pasted the result into the post.   Not beautiful, but it functions well enough.

Country Population (millions)
China 1372
India 1276
USA 322
Indonesia 255
Brazil 205

You can also use Microsoft Word to do this – possibly other word processors as well, but I have not checked that.

One warning is that if you cut-and-paste a table in this way you may have trouble putting anything in your post after the table (it is liable to end up in the last cell of your table instead).  Avoid this problem by first writing some text before and after where you want the table to appear, and then pasting the table in between.

If you know how to work with HTML, you can also paste HTML code for your table directly into your post.  To do this, use a table generator like to generate the code for your table (make sure you check “do not generate CSS”).   Copy the generated HTML to the clipboard and paste it into the underlying HTML of your post which you can see by going to the “text” tab of the editor.  If none of this paragraph makes sense to you, don’t worry.  Just stick with the first method and everything will be fine!

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