Bibliography 1: Rainwater Reuse

My Topic: Independent citizens interested in reusing rainwater

My Audience: Policy makers and environmentally conscious citizens

Potential Math: The math I want to look at is the amount of rain water independent homes are currently collecting on average in relation to how much they need to have a complete independence from the government water supply.

Source One: “Water saving potential of domestic water reuse systems using greywater and rainwater in combination” by A. Dixon
This is a reputable source because it was published in the journal of Water, Science, and Technology. This article relates to my topic because it discusses the pros and cons to collecting rainwater, the different type of water collected (grey, rain, or storm), and where independent collection systems would be the most effective.

Source Two:

This is a credible source because it is run by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. This website relates to my topic because it details the guidelines that people need to check their water quality for before using their collected water. Also it discusses using the rainwater for different projects, like irrigation.

Source Three:

This is a reputable source because it is run through the United States Geological Survey and the US Department of the Interior.  This information relates to my topic because it gives a lot of data about how much water is used for typical household activities such as running the dishwasher, washing your hands, or even taking a bath. I can use this information when making my broad topic into a math problem.


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