bibliography 2: How many calories should people eat per day?

Topic: You know there is a increasing trend that more and more people are getting obesity. Some people blame it on the fast food chains developed in America and criticize the high calories inside those fast foods. So I want to figure out how many calories should a healthy person eat per day and what kinds of foods should be. How many calories should come from vegetable and fruits? How many calories should come from meat and fish?

Audience: People who want to keep healthy and who want to reduce the weight. Generally I hope all people are the audience to this post. Because I believe this is helpful to everyone.

Source 1: Materials, knowledge, notes from my Nutrition 251 class. Relevant claims: the daily calories intakes depend on people’s heights, weights, gender and age. Credibility: very high credibility, because it’s from the college level class.

Source 2: Relevent claims: everyone could find his/her best plan on this website. And people can analyze the components of foods. Credibility: good, this is a website held by US government to help people understand the foods.

Source 3: Relevent claim: People can get a approximate calories intakes on this website and it also helps you understand your calories intake condition. Credibility: good, this is a famous website about foods.

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