bibliography 2: Is solar power the best option?

Topic: I want to figure out if the solar power the best option. If not, what kind of energy is the best? And, can Penn State solely depends on the Solar power to meet the daily demand and fulfill the urgent power needs?

Audience: to all the people who want better energy options and save money from using the energy. Also, to all Penn Staters who would benefit from the better energy choice.


1. Solar Is Best Option For Energy Poor, Says International Energy Agency, web:   This article not only described the advantage of the solar power, but also mentioned about the solar power with the money and economy.

2.  Top 10 benefits of going solar. Web:  This article thoroughly stated the benefits of using solar power, such as saving money, increasing your home value, saving the environment, and etc.

3. 7 Reasons You Don’t Use Solar Energy and Why You Are Wrong Web:

4. Disadvantages of Solar Energy. Web: T his article gave totally different aspects of using solar power, which is a strong opposite opinion against using the solar energy.


I will focus on both advantage and disadvantage of the solar energy, and I will discuss them in detail. I will also compare solar energy with the other kind of traditional energy to find the best. Lastly, I will try to figure out can Penn State solely depends on solar energy or not.

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