Bibliography 2: Wind Power

With the second blog post’s theme of energy, I think it would be interesting to look into wind power. I was inspired to look into this topic because during my time studying in France I saw wind turbines everywhere and I think they are a great way to benefit from a natural energy flow (wind currents). A possible broad topic that I am interested in is looking at wind power by state.

My audience is regular citizens of the United States and alternative energy advocates. I believe that average citizens need to be more well informed about alternative energy because we need to lessen our dependence on coal and information is power. Also, energy advocates  can use this information to strengthen their argument for less harmful energy sources.

My first source is From here, I can gather a lot of the raw numbers that I will need to make computations. There is information about wind capacities, number of utility scale wind turbines in the US, and even data about homes that are currently powered by wind. It is a credible source because it is published by the America Wind Energy Association. It is a large organization with a history of scientific and impartial information.

My second source is This source is interesting because it provides information that is against wind turbines. It discusses the impact on wildlife, property values, taxes, and noise. In order to be informed about a subject you have to look at both it’s pros and it’s cons. This is a credible source because it was published by the Alternative World Energy Outlook and the website had several articles with opposing viewpoints so the organization itself is not biased.

My third source is This source has more detailed information about wind capacity by state. I might look into where the USA should set up new turbines and seeing the optimal places would be helpful. This site details each state in the USA from 1999 to 2015. This is a credible source because it is the US Department of Energy and they have the most comprehensive data on the topic.

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