Bibliography 2 — Zhiyue Wang

Topic: By doing a personal “energy audit”, I’m able to see how much energy I’m using daily and what are some aspects of the energy use are inefficient.

Audience: Me myself and people around me who can consider to cut the energy use at home.


  1. Personal Energy Meter — This is a website from the and it allows you to calculate the personal energy usage based on your specific location. It also provides the average scores of others’ energy uses. This website has a very high credibility because it’s supported by the National Geographic.
  2. How the Average American Uses Energy — this is a website provides the data of the average annual energy consumption of Americans. It also compares the energy uses per person among different countries. This website seems to have a sufficient amount of credibility because it has been helping to educate consumers about various personal financial issues since 1998.
  3. How to Reduce Your Energy Consumption — This source provides great amount of tips for conserving electricity and cutting the energy costs. On the other hand, it actually shed some new light by giving you ideas of what aspect of the usage is the most inefficient and would result the greatest wasting of energy use. This source seems to be credible because it’s published at the Natural Resources Defense Council website and this NRDC organization has been working to protecting our environment since 1970.

How these sources relate to each other: by first looking at the individual energy use, I’ll be able to get a sense of how closely protecting environment is to our daily lives. Then the second source would allow me to see the bigger picture of the average American’s energy consumptions so that I can compare it with my own energy usage. The third source would provide a quick pathway for me to really think about the wasteful energy uses and provides another direction for people to look at how they themselves can contribute to the sustainable environment.

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