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My mission with this post is to advocate something that I do every single day: ride a bike. It’s no secret that CO2 emissions from cars, busses, etc. is having an adverse effect on the earth’s atmosphere. There’s plenty to be said about the benefits of biking versus driving, but the impact biking has on the environment is quite palpable.

Source 1: Biking + The EnvironmentThis article outlines the impact biking can have on the environment by analyzing data associated with CO2 emitted from cars, and how those emissions can be reduced by opting to bike instead of drive.

Source 2: How Much Air Pollution Is Prevented By Commuting By Bicycle? This source goes into greater detail regarding CO2 emissions from vehicles by outlining exactly how much is produced by the average car, depending on size. It further elaborates how emissions could be significantly reduced if commuters opt to bike. The data clearly shows that CO2 emissions add up. Commuters could make a significant difference if a large enough percentage made such a lifestyle change. This source uses analytical data to convey its message.

Source 3: Cycle Like The Danes To Cut Carbon EmissionsThis source uses Denmark as a “poster child” for the environmental benefits of biking. There, the average person bikes roughly 600 miles each year. The EU stated that if everybody biked like citizens of Denmark, transport gas emissions could be cut by over 25%.

Source Connections: All sources used in this bibliography support my claims that biking’s effect on the environment is significant. I’ll use the data provided in these sources to further convey my point and advocate for the use of bikes when commuting.

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