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How can people save water at home in their daily life?

Conservation of water is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly method of decreasing the water demand and the waste of water on the globe. The water is the origin and the preservation of life. If people run out of water, the life on this planet will become extinct. Therefore, people need to start saving water from their daily life.

First and foremost, In people’s daily life, there’s an “headache” in the kitchen is that either to choose to use dishwasher or choose hand washing. The average dishwasher will use 6 gallons of water per cycle. Assuming you wash the same amount of dishes as wash with dishwasher, you’ve got about 4.4 seconds of wide-open tap water per piece, or about 9.5 ounces of water to wash each dish. Let’s assuming there are 30 pieces of dishes need to wash every time and ignore the power usage amount.

\(30\times 9.5\text{ounces}\times\frac{1\text{gallon}}{128\text{ounces}}=2.23\text{gallon}\)

Because 2.23 gallons is less than 6 gallons, thus, in people’s daily life, hand washing is a more environmentally friendly way to clean the dishes.

Suppose that people will wash 30 pieces of dishes everyday.

\(\frac{6\text{gallons}- 2.23\text{gallons}}{1\text{day}}\times 365\text{days}=1,376.05\text{gallons}\)

So, each family can save about 1,376 gallons of water every year.

Apart from saving water from the kitchen, the toilet is the daily tool people need to use everyday at their home in daily life. For this,  people firstly need to make sure there’s no water leakage happening with your toilet. Then, try to flush the toilet when you really need to. People can find and put some tools such as some heavy plastic jug or a brick in the water tank. The New York Times reported that a sealed half gallon container put in the water tank will save half a gallon on each flush.

So we can conclude that, each family has 2 toilets, and each will be flushed 5 times everyday.

\(\frac{365\text{days}}{1\text{year}}\times\frac{0.5\text{gallons}}{per flush}\times\frac{5\text{flushes}}{day}\times 2= 1,825\frac{gallon}{year}\)

Each family will save about 1,825 gallons of water every year. According this, placing some heavy stuff in toilet’s water tank can save a lot of water at home.

The last but not the least, every person need to wash and clean themselves. However, some people choose to take a stand shower, but the rest of them decide to take a shower in bathtub. Taking a 5 minutes shower will need 10 to 25 gallons of water, but fulling a bathtub need about 70 gallons of water. If we assume each family has 4 people, each person will take a shower 4 times a week, and we assume a 5-minute stand shower need 15 gallons of water(mean number). Thus


According to the statement and statistics above, taking a 5-minute stand shower four times a week will save about 11,471.4 gallons of water every year.

By and large, as long as every single human being wants to and have the awareness of water conservation, there are thousands of methods to save water at home in their daily life. Water is very important, so just save water, and save future generations.


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