Bibliography 2: Solar Energy in the US

Solar energy is something that could move the US past its reliance on fossil fuels. In some parts of the country, the sun is beaming nearly all year round. I remember a few years ago, however, the government invested in a solar company and the initiative was a complete failure. I’ll look at the feasibility of solar usage in the US and how we can all get involved.

My audience are citizens, homeowners, and green energy advocates.

Source 1: Department of Energy on Solar; This will provide me a basic understanding of solar usage in the US.

Source 2: Why Solyndra failed; the Obama administration received a lot of slack for its failed investment in the solar energy company. This will tell me why it failed.

Source 3: Solar power boom; This article details solar energy at a more personal level. It discusses the US increase in solar usage and why homeowners are putting up solar panels.

Source 4: How Much energy solar panels produce; This article details the mathematics behind solar panel usage.

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