Bibliography 2 Solar Panel Efficiency

Considering the topic of energy I have always been interested in the idea behind solar panels and how efficient they really are. Solar panels are a more up and coming industry, although very ground breaking it seems the majority is not yet sold on them. This may be due to the price or just simply some people see no sense in it.

audience; energy companies as well as individuals who are thinking of investing in solar panels. Not only the individuals who are interested in solar panels but those who oppose the idea should also be intreigued. Solely to see if their opposition is supported or they develop new ideas about the industry.

Source 1;, This souce is very informative. It gives a breakdown of how solar panels work. This source also lays out the percentage of efficiancy that the panels can provide. Lastly this source also recalls other factors that come into play when speaking about efficiency.

Source 2; , This source gives a breakdown of different kinds of solar panels and which ones might work best in a given scenerio. This artilce is important because including myself I only assumed there was one type of solar panel, so I am sure that others have this misconception. The first step to a better understanding is substantial information that may give more insight to a biased opinion, this article aims for just that.

Source 3;, This link gives a science perspective behind the thinking, as well as an enviromentalist perspective to the individuals who are trying to “go green”. Further into the article it also elaborates on just how efficiant solar panels can be in terms of when the investment pays off. This article gives an idea of how much the decision of using solar panels pollutes the enviroment as well.

The three articles tie in together from a few different standpoints. Overall gathering from all three one should be able to understand the different kind of solar panels and how they work. Further elaborating on any misunderstandings that may have affected their opinion on the panels. Also these articles give substantial information on the effects the panels play on the environment as well as the pros and cons of these panels. In all they elaborate a variety of prospectives that gives a full understanding of the panels and their ability.

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