Solar power for the school

  • Topic: Can we power Penn State University Park with solar power only?
  • Audience: Penn state students concerned about converting to clean green energy.
  • Source 1: Natural Resources Defense Council “” Seems to be last updated 2012.  Relevant claims: Explains how solar power works, and can help determine how much electricity is generated by a solar power plant, and the costs to maintain it. Credibility: Good. Organization for renewable energy in America.
  • Source 2: NW Solar power, “” ,2015, Relevant is explanation of how Solar power works and information on the electricity generated by them. Credibility: Fair credibility; specialists on solar energy, but may have something to gain by advocating it.
  • Source 3: Penn State ““, 2016, Relevant claims: Provides numbers regarding the energy consumption of the campus. Credibility: High credibility: Directly from Penn State.
  • Ideas fit together: Source 1 and 2 Will help me determine how much electricity a solar power plant can provide, and Source three gives me the numbers on how much electricity is consumed by the campus. Comparing the two numbers should give me an idea of how sustainable this idea is.
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