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Assignment 2: Food Energy of U.S Citizens

Intro/Thesis It is common knowledge that food and a healthy diet is important for an efficient day-to-day life, isn’t it? The food we put into our body is broken down by our digestive system and turned into energy by biological … Continue reading

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Math Test

\( x^3-3x^2-10x=0 \) \( (1+r)^n \) \(  (5.7\times10^{-8})\times(1.6\times10^{12})=9.12\times10^4 \) \( \pi L(1-\alpha)R^2=4\pi\alpha T^4R^2 \) \( 12\text{ km}\times\frac{0.6\text{ mile}}{1\text { km}}\approx7.2\text{ mile} \) \[ 12\text{ km}\times\frac{0.6\text{ mile}}{1\text{ km}}\approx7.2\text{ mile} \] \( 4,173,445,346.50\approx4,200,000,000=4.2\times10^9 \) \[ 50\text{ m}\times\frac{3.4\times10^6\text{ kg}}{1\text{ sec}}\times\frac{10\text{ J}}{1\text{ kg}\cdot1\text{ m}}=1.7\text{ … Continue reading

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