Assignment 2: Just how effective is a hybrid?


As the years go on, so do the rising questions surrounding fossil fuels and alternative energy, such as renewable resources and the reduction of our carbon footprint. One of the most effective ways to do so, thus far, has been through the emergence of electric cars. These cars come in many different forms, from purely electric vehicles to hybrids with multiple engines. So far, society has been reluctant to completely embrace these types of vehicles for a number of different reasons, mainly how cost effective they are. Throughout this post, I plan on exploring just how viable these vehicles are over a ten year period.

Source 1: This source is more or less a basis for my argument, helping me to frame my argument correctly. It gives good insight into the arguments that some make against alternative energy vehicles. Credibility: edmunds.Com is a reputable site for researching vehicles one might want to purchase.

Source 2: this website here provides a list of different hybrid/pure electric cars currently on the market of which I will select a vehicle from, and then compare it with its petrol-consuming twin. Credibility: trusted news source both on the Internet and in print.

Source 3: I’m going to pull most of my figures from this article, since it was the only one that provided some concrete numbers that I can use for my argument. Credibility: to be honest, the site isn’t super well known but the figures check out, which is what’s important.

Mathmatical questions/closing

As far as the mathematical questions, I plan on looking at how much it’s going to cost to run the hybrid, down to the cost per mile. That’s after accounting for government subsidies, battery replacements, and other variables. I’m going to do the same with the gas engine, and then compare costs after ten years, to gauge wether it’s really worth it to make the switch, or to wait until there is better technology at our disposal as a consumer.




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