Assignment 2:

Throughout of the history of human development, selecting the superior and eliminating the inferior is inevitable. At the very beginning, human can only get the fire from the forest fires causing of the thunderclap. Then, people start to light a fire with woods. Nowadays, human are seeking to more and more efficient and environmentally friendly energy, for instance— the Solar energy. The solar energy is getting popular recently owing to its convenience and efficiency.

Compares with the traditional energy such as the coal burning energy, wind energy, and the fire energy, the solar energy is a resource that is not only sustainable for energy consumption, it is indefinitely renewable. This can be a huge advantage, because for many normal people on this planet, they are all seeking the less expensive way to get the same goal. On the other side, using the solar power, it will largely eliminate the emission of the pollution. Especially, like using the coal energy, it requires burning coals which will emit carbon dioxide, which is the major reason of the green house, and sulfur dioxide.

However, there are still some disadvantages of the solar energy. The major one is that solar power can not generate power during night. Moreover, there has an efficiency rate need to be concerned about. Normally, the solar panel have a 40% efficiency rate which means 60% of the sunlight gets wasted. During the bad weather like cloudy and foggy, the efficiency rate has high probability to decrease.


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