Bibliography 4: Yucca Mountain Problem

Topic: Nuclear energy is a clean source of electricity many parts of the country, specifically the north-east rely on. This means that many nuclear power plants are running to provide electricity. The only problem is the by-product of the nuclear fuel remains radioactive for millions of years. Storing this has become a huge debate among many in the scientific community, government, and common citizens who don’t want it anywhere near their homes. I hope to look further into this argument and figure out how to best solve this dilemma.

Audience: anyone that could be impacted by the decision on where to store the nuclear fuel rods.

Source 1: Feb 2013. This youtube video shows the past and current political struggle on setting up a nuclear waste repository.

Source 2: January 2009. This article in Scientific American goes in depth on why we need to use nuclear energy and gives insight into how long our uranium supply will last.

Source 3: This article by the NEI talks about how much nuclear waste the US has and other key facts on where it is stored.

Connections: I will use source one to explain why this has been such an issue with getting a nuclear waste repository. Source two will explain how we got to our current situation and what it looks like for the future. Source three will be used to help analyze which sites are best for the storage of the nuclear waste.

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