Assignment 3: Climate Impacts on Water Resources Rough Draft

First Paragraph: Severe weather changes would be resulted by Global Warming. As temperature increases, water resources are especially affected. Droughts, melted glacial ice, declining sea levels are all consequences. Human activities are also affected and eventually the balance between climate, energy and water would be falling out. Through examining the specific impacts of climate changes on water resources, people will be warned about the real tension existing in the vicious cycle.

Last Paragraph: Climate changes have reached a certain level of seriousness that requires people’s attentions. In the vicious cycle, small changes in the average temperature of the earth can bring large changes to almost all aspects of our environment: sea levels are dropping, glacial ice is melting, and there will even be more floods, droughts and severe rainfalls. All these problems started with excess amount of carbon emissions. If people don’t control the burning of fossil fuels or other human activities, the earth would experience more irreversible changes.

Calculations: I would try to gather some data about the climate changes and calculate the increasing possibility of having more frequent natural disasters. I will also gather some data about CO2 emissions and calculate the amount human beings emit by the end of 2050. Also I assume that I could find some ways to reduce the carbon emissions and calculate the amount that can be saved by changing some human’s daily activities.

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