Bibliography 4

My goal with this post is to elaborate on Andrew Guberlet’s discussion regarding Penn State OPP and its initiative to reduce the campus’ carbon footprint and help make the university more eco-friendly. I want to use tangible examples to help elaborate on the discussion.

Source 1: Penn State OPP’s Engineering Resources Page 

This source will help provide insight on OPP’s initiatives and resources around campus. This will also provide statistical data that I’ll be able to elaborate upon in my post.

Source 2: Penn State’s Sustainability Site 

Similar to the first, this source elaborates on campus initiatives that students can do to help make the university a greener place. Initiatives include simple housekeeping tips that can reduce emissions, along with information regarding on-campus programs.

Source 3: Penn State’s Sustainability Strategic Plan 

This source will elaborate exactly how Penn State plans to implement its sustainability initiatives. I plan on referencing it to provide insight into what the collective effort to reduce Penn State’s carbon footprint might look like.

Source Connections: All sources are through Penn State, meaning they should help paint the clearest picture regarding the university’s initiatives. These sources will be integral in the data-collection process, and will help me present the necessary facts to back my claims.

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