Assignment 4: Draft Ebook and paper book, which is more sustainable?

Topic: Nowadays, the world is centered around technology and it has made people’s lives more convenient. However, does technology really come at no cost? When the disadvantages seem to be invisible, it does not mean that they don’t exist. Paper books and electronic conditions of books are best examples. People are always told that not using papers would protect more trees. The purpose of this article is to make a comparison between the ebooks and paper books and examine if the eco-friendly choice is really a good one.

Audience: College students and the general public


  1. E-Readers Vs. Print Books — This article examines the two choices from many perspectives. This website is somewhat reliable because it has provided many real data to support the hypothesis.
  2. E-Readers vs. Old-Fashioned Books–Which is More Eco Friendly?   — This article also compares the choices between ebooks and paper books.  This website is somewhat reliable because this website Green Home is about sustainability.
  3. Environmental Impacts of Ebooks –This is a study analyzing the data about the ebooks. It compares the environmental impacts of ebooks to that of paper books and offer very credible insights.

Calculations: I plan to gather some data about the ebooks and paper books and calculate the current situation about the purchases. I’ll also try to compare the purchase rates across the years of the two kinds of books. Then I’ll calculate the amount of energy input when producing the items or when people actually use them.

Conclusions: By analyzing what material use is actually more sustainable, we get to avoid making the wrong choices and do the right thing.

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