Bibliography #4: Nuclear Energy Stigmata

  • Topic: Investigating the stigma that surround the nuclear energy industry and see just how “dangerous” this relatively clean form of energy production really is.  I will be looking into both environmental impacts as well human safety concerns.
  • Audience:  My audience in this blog post is anyone seeking to find out more about the nuclear industry and why they have received such a large amount of negative press over the years.
  • Source 1: ZME Science.  Nuclear Wrongfully Stigmatized.  This source talks of the wrongful stigmas that surround the nuclear power industry and investigate as to what may have caused these negative thoughts.  Credibility: High because it draws upon information researched by 65 biologists who are hoping to revitalize the nuclear power industry based on their findings.
  • Source 2: NASA.  Coal is far more deadly than Nuclear power. This source goes into detail about how many more deaths a year are caused by coal and natural gas power production versus the number of deaths caused each year by nuclear power.  Credibility: High because the study was done by NASA, a government run organization.
  • Source 3: World Nuclear.  Nuclear Power in the World Today. This article talks of the many benefits (both for the environment and for society) of nuclear power and provides a great deal of insight on the issue.  Credibility:  High because it is written by an organization whose goal is to inform the public on the most up to date nuclear power facts.
  • Ideas Fit Together:  The third source will provide some general knowledge about the nuclear industry and show how effective nuclear power can be.  The first source can tell the reader about why the nuclear industry has been wrongfully stigmatized.  The second source will show just how much more dangerous fossil fuels are than nuclear power is to both the environment and to humans.  Overall, this will be a blog post arguing in favor of the nuclear power industry.
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