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The fourth topic I will focus on is that of restoring forests and the planting of trees after construction. This is an issue within all of the world, considering construction is going on everywhere room needs to be made. In making that room trees may sometime be torn down and sometimes forrests even destroyed. In doing this we need to realize that homes of animals are being destroyed in the process. My goal will be to configure a way to avoid these knocking down of trees, but if it is the only way to also ensure that the number of trees knocked down are also restored.

The audience of this topic will mostly be constrution companies as well as special interest groups like the EPA. These are the people who can really make a difference in this area.

Source 1;, although wikipedia is said to not be a very reliable source. I chose this because of the vast amount of information available on this site. It gives a very elaborate explaination of how forest restoration is being taken care of in our modern society.

Source 2;, I chose this source because it explains when taking down a forest the eco-systems that we are destroying in the process. As a country we cannot afford to take on the effects from destroying the animal food chain. If we were to unfortunatley completely eliminate a particular species or bread the implications could be determental.

Source 3;, I chose this source because it is a special interest group that rebuilds forests. This will give me a good idea of the the process of forest restoration occurs and the real world steps that are involved in the process.

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