Assignment 3: Draft

I will be discussing the topic of wasting water. Water waste is a very prevelant topic in todays world considering the population is growing at a rapid pace. America is becoming more opulated as we speak. This calls for change in behavior from all individuals, as a country we need to compensate for these changes.More specifically, I will be looking into ways in which this water waste can be avoided and how we can be more sustainable.

The focus audience is mainly home owners and even individuals who tend to waste water in everyday life. Overall everyone can save more water than they do, for instance when brushing teeth, taking shorter showers etc. Not only can individuals help save water, but companies can also take a role in this. Companies can cut back in certain areas to help bbe sustainable within themselves.

The main point of my mathmetical arguement will revolve around how much the average ameerican wastes water, as well as how much waste of water goes on within the home of these individuals.

In all everyone can save more water then they do. As a country we need to recognize the growing population rates are a real issue. This issue needs to be analyzed by many different organizations and groups to help consider possible real world solutions.

Source 1. / this source is reliable because Texas is a very dry state in terms of climate and weather. It will help give a good idea of what needs to be done in order for the waste of water to be diminished in some extreme cases.

Source 2. , I like this source because it is not geographically limited to one area of the US. It gives an overall outline of where water is being wasted the most and in what way it is being waste in this country.

Source 3. This source is interesting because it goes to show that not only do individuals need to stap wasting water but anyone and everyone as a whole. More interestingly the leagues of America like the NFL NHL etc are also getting involved in saving more water.

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