Assignment 3: Florida Threatened by Global Warming Rough Draft

  • Topic: How long before we lose Florida to Global Warming
  • Audience: Naysayers about Global Warming and more specifically the public that believes them.
  • Source 1: Natural Resources Defense Council “”  Relevant claims: Discusses the possibility of Florida property damage and loss in Florida and the causes and ramifications. Credibility: Good. Organization for resource preservation; may have a vested interest obviously. This information provides other information regarding global warmings immediate effects on the Florida area, and I will use this information for the meat of the text based argument.
  • Source 2: Union of Concerned Scientists,,2015, Relevant Claims: Displays a number of charts and data regarding sea level rise and global warming. Credibility: Good credibility; an organization of scientists. I will use these charts in the final paper to help demonstrate my point, and supplement my data for calculations.
  • Source 3: Online Edition of a Government Issued Text, Relevant claims: Provides The elevation levels of each state. Credibility: Fair credibility: Government issued information, however it is from the 1980 Census, yet the website says it was last modified 2005.  This claims the elevation of Florida was sea level in 1980, so I will use this information for the baseline of my calculations.
  • Source 4: National Ocean Service:, Relevant Claims: Provides data on the average sea level rise over the years compared to sea level rise in recent years. This information would be used to calculate sea level rise relative to Florida’s Elevation, and demonstrate how annual sea level rise has been increasing exponentially. Credibility: Since it’s a national government based service on the ocean… High Credibility.
  • Ideas fit together: Source one provides background information and text based arguments / reasoning. While sources two and three would provide data and information for calculations to support the argument. Such as the elevation level of Florida compared to sea level rise, and the amount of sea level rise that can be attributed to global warming. The idea here is to demonstrate a clear cut and relatable example of why global warming is a threat even in the short term and even to the economy.
  • Mathematical Equations: I intend to calculate sea level rise relative to Florida, the amount of time before Florida loses X amount of property, and perhaps estimate the financial costs of such losses.
  • Introduction: This February has broken records for hottest February in history. Many hear this and think nothing of it, but there are some that hear this and grow concerned. This record breaking heat can be attributed to global warming. There are some out there that believe global warming doesn’t exist and there are some that deny its existence but out of fear of losing profits. By no means a novel example of evidence, Florida is currently at risk for both the health and safety of its residence and the financial security of its economy… All due to global warming.
  • Conclusion: I am certain that some people will still prefer to bury their heads in the sand, but if that sand is on Florida’s beach property these people will drown. The evidence of global warming is undeniable, and the rising sea levels are just as indisputable. The other potential effects are just as alarming: drought, wildfires, and increased storm frequency. These effects are not just threatening to human safety; they are also threatening to the economy. Insurance companies are adjusting prices in preparation for these effects, which are already starting to manifest. Although we can no longer avoid the effects of global warming completely, we can lessen the effects of it and try and move away from the looming disaster if we pull our heads out of the sand and start working towards making a change.
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