Assignment 3: Global Warming: What Our Candidates Believe Vs. The Truth

2016 is a pivotal year for each president hopeful as the race intensifies for both the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations. A bevy of issues will be placed at the forefront to be discussed, and each candidate will hold a differing viewpoint. One of the most important issues that will be debated is global warming. Each candidate might view the issue through a slightly different lens, but those beliefs may actually contradict truth.

My plan with this post is to narrow the scope to help gain a better understanding of how correct each candidate is using a blend of mathematics and logic. For example, somebody like Marco Rubio (who is now out of the race, but for argument’s sake, we’ll take his ideas into consideration) is a believer in global warming, but doesn’t believe that it’s caused by man. I would put the spotlight on such a claim in an attempt to understand why he believes this using fact.

Using my sources, I’ll be able to provide actual quotes that detail how each candidate views such a prevalent issue, and would make my own argument to better understand where they’re coming from. The issue of climate change is not to be taken lightly, and hopefully this post can help us better understand the future of our nation.

These are the sources I plan on elaborating on:

Source 1: Presidential Candidates: Who Believes In Climate Change?

This source goes into detail regarding the views of each Presidential candidate (note, certain figures have dropped out of the race). Marco Rubio, whose climate change beliefs have been subject to question by the general public, does in fact believe that climate change is real, but that it is not caused by man. He fully supports the Keystone XL pipeline and offshore oil and gas drilling.

Source 2: Global Warming And Climate Change 

This source challenges remarks made by those skeptical of the notion that global warming is caused by humans. It provides statistical data that can be used to compare and challenge claims made by Presidential candidates.

Source 3: Presidential Candidates And Climate Change

This source provides direct quotes from each Presidential candidate, which gives us a better understanding of their stances regarding the issue.


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