Assignment 3: How is meat production hurting the water?

In this draft, I would like to speak about how meat production is hurting our water. If you have seen anything along the line in the documentary, called cowspiracy, you might know that our water usage is in trouble. We have mass amounts of droughts coming from all over the united states and a huge contributor to this is meat production. Its takes about 1800 gallons of water for just one pound of beef. How could this be? This number seems unreal to even comprehend. Well, most of this goes into the whole process of making this pound of beef. There’s the processing, drinking water and even washing of the meat to make sure its safe to eat. This is a huge problem and why I want to describe these three categories of meat production. I want to describe how we can lessen this amount and why we as people, don’t need to produce so much meat.

For starters, how much water does it actually take to feed the cow? Since they are eating a grain-based diet, rather than the normal, grass fed. A cow can eat up about 147 gallons of water just because of the water production for the corn. Not only is this very bad for the cow itself, but if each cow is eating this much corn, its not good for the water production. The also need drinking water, along with producing this mass amount of corn.

This is just cow, how much water do you think pigs, chicken, goat. lamb and other animals that people generally eat? The numbers are honestly whopping. For example, a pound of pork take 576 gallons of water, while a goat takes way more than that at 731 gallons of water for one pound. These numbers just show how much our water usage is hard to keep up with.

I think we can fix this problem by not having as much meat production happen. We can limit this by explaining to people the problems with this and what can be done. If we just started to realize that not everyday that we walk into a supermarket, there will always be meat. Rather, we can find other sources of protein that will help our world more and make it a happier place. In California, they are currently in the hugest drought in world record and its mostly because of these facts.

Cutting these numbers into half; a pound of pork- 288, a pound of goat 365 and beef 900. Then we could lessen the chances of our world becoming thirsty to the point of no return.

As you can see from the picture, our water usage is out of control and we can better it by using soy products, or simply just by eating vegetables. This will slow down the production of water if we slow down the meat industry. If everyone would cut their consumption of meat in half, our world could really change. I generally think this will be better for the environment and will help our world.

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