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Introductory Post: Ziqiao Han

Hi everyone, my name is Ziqiao Han. I’m a Chinese student major in supply chain management. Math 033 is an elective class for me. For the field of supply chain, there are many theories about the sustainability and efficiency of … Continue reading

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Read and Response 2

This is the response to Bjorn Lomborg’s article Don’t be fooled – Elon Musk’s electric cars aren’t about to save the planet. I noticed the author have a really interesting claim that the author makes the electric powered car equal … Continue reading

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Assignment 4: Funan River pollution circumstance

When learning the equilibrium state about a system, in the class we discussed some examples of simple pollutant lake. This time I want to figure out a real life problem about a river in my hometown. Funan River is across the … Continue reading

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Assignment 3: How did the climate change and how will the climate change in my hometown Chengdu?

After learning the climate models, there is a curious question generated in my mind. How to utilize what I learned from the class in my life? Well, the first thing appeared to me is that I want to analyze the climate … Continue reading

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Read and Respond 1

In the article The Reign of Recycling, I found that the author’s argument, which the current recycling is not really economically and environmentally beneficial, is really convincing to me. Prior to read this article, I have had some questions in terms of recycling for a long time. You can find 6 or more different garbage bins together to fit different kinds of wastes on the campus. People always comply with those garbage bins to sort their wastes into different bins if they are available. But the most common garbage bin is still that single one without any sorting in the world. So people can only throw all wastes into that one garbage bin. Definitely it’s more efficient to use those different bins to recycle the wastes. Why aren’t those 6 or more different garbage bins to sort the wastes feasible all over the world?   I found the answers in the article and that’s why I think this article is pretty convincing to me. The benefits to sort and recycle all those wastes can’t really offset the costs. It’s pretty obvious that it needs a lot of investments to build the manufactures to recycle those wastes and at the same time the recycling will generate other costs such as transportation costs and labor costs. Besides the costs, actually it would also spend some resources such as water to clean and recycle those wastes. So as the article mentioned, recycling is not only that people throw the plastic bottle into the corresponding garbage bin, but also needs many underlying steps. Therefore, if the data about one round trip from New York to London needs 40,000 recycled plastic bottles to offset the carbon dioxide emissions (The Reign of Recycling, 2016), the programs such as zero-waste don’t make sense in terms of both environmentally and economically. I will agree with the opinion as the author that only recycle the valuable items such as metals and paper products and let the other things be sent to the landfill.   But there are also some rooms left can be improved to make this article more convincible to other readers. For example the data, which 1000 years total wastes will only occupy 0.1% of the land available for grazing(The Reign of Recycling, 2016), is kind of outdated. I noticed that this is from the article 1996. It has been 20 years passed. I have no idea about how much wastes we produced at 1996 and how much at 2016. But I believe that the total amount should be increased from the last 20 years. And probably that number will still increase in next several decades in exponential model. Therefore the number it provided could be much smaller than actual number. It’s really necessary to have the recent data about the total amount of wastes and the increasing rate of that waste to see what is the real current situation.   Overall this is a really good article which can let people deeply think about recycling. Is that really worthy to recycle all wastes? I believe everyone will have an answer after reading the article.

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Assignment 2: How to have a balanced and healthy diet?

At the present time, as the pace of the life is accelerated, many people found that they can’t easily get access to the healthy foods. The most common foods can be reached around the workplaces are fast foods such as … Continue reading

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bibliography 2: How many calories should people eat per day?

Topic: You know there is a increasing trend that more and more people are getting obesity. Some people blame it on the fast food chains developed in America and criticize the high calories inside those fast foods. So I want … Continue reading

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Math Test

\(x^3-3x^2-10x=0\) \((1+r)^n\) \((5.7\times 10^{-8})\times (1.6\times 10^{12}) = 9.12\times 10^4\) \({\pi}L(1-\alpha)R^2 = 4{\pi}{\sigma}T^4R^2\) \[ 12\text{km} \times \frac{0.6 \text{mile}}{1 \text{km}} \approx 7.2 \text{mile}\] \(4,173,445,346.50 \approx 4,200,000,000 = 4.2 \times 10^9\) \[50\text{m} \times \frac{3.4\times 10^6 \text{kg}}{1\text{sec}}\times \frac{10\text{ J}}{1 \text{kg} \cdot  1 \text{m}} = … Continue reading

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Assignment 1: How much we can save if we don’t drink bottled water

Plastic bottled water is so popular in USA. Many people include me, have the habits to only drink the bottled water in daily life. In their mind, bottled water is convenient, safe and not expensive. This is true that everyone … Continue reading

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