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BlogPost 4: (Final): Sustainability In Iceland

Blogpost 4 Bibliography: Sustainability In Iceland: According to the most sustainable countries in the world, Iceland is currently on the top of the list. For my final blogpost, I plan to research the reasons why Iceland has been dominating the world … Continue reading

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Richard Alley Testifies Before Congress on Climate Change (Published 2014)

Hey guys, I thought this was a really interesting video on our guest speaker last class. Personally, I think that this video conveys Dr. Alley’s reiteration of, “…the science and math behind climate change is here…we simply cannot run away … Continue reading

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The changing economics of rooftop solar

Hi all, There is an interesting article in today’s New York Times about the changing economics rooftop solar.  There are many interesting issues related to rooftop solar that could be explored in a blog post: How do federal and state subsidies … Continue reading

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Obama’s recent climate change speech

There is conference of Arctic nations underway this week in Anchorage, Alaska, concerning issues surrounding climate change.   On Monday, President Obama gave an address to the conference that you may find interesting.  During the speech Obama uses some techniques … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Climate Change Report

The updated Pennsylvania Climate Change Assessment has been in the news this week. The report forecasts an increase of (3 ^circ)C ((5.4 ^circ)F) in average temperatures in Pennsylvania by the year 2050 over temperatures in the year 2000. State Impact … Continue reading

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Penn State is a Cool School

PSU has been recognized as a 2015 “Cool School” by the Sierra Club for its sustainability efforts.  You can read more about what went into this award in this article from the PSU Sustainability web site:  

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