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This page links to different resources that you may want to use as you study Mathematics for Sustainability and as you craft your own posts on the blog.   What we list below are only a selection of the available resources and you are encouraged and expected to go find more information on your own.


The online course textbook can be found in this directory.   Below we also list other general textbooks on a mathematical and environmental theme.  Many are available online.

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Blogging Themes

“Blogging Themes” resources are suggestions for overall themes or broad questions to pursue in each blog assignment.  There is no requirement that you follow the suggested themes – if you have a better idea that meets the assessment criteria, go with it!  However, you are encouraged at least to start with these themes as you reflect on the subjects for your assignments.

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Useful Numbers

“Useful Numbers” resources are pieces of factual information (for example: the radius of the earth; the energy content of gasoline; the number of undergraduates at University Park) which we, the instructors, have assembled and curated for you.  If you need one of these items of information for a blog post, you can simply cite it as “Source: Useful Numbers (date)” without further ado.

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Other Resources

These link to specific webpages or articles discussing issues that might be suitable for an individual blog post.  An excellent blog post based on  these resources will do two things: explain the main ideas (especially the mathematical ideas) that are presented, and interact critically with them using the techniques that we have learned in class.  The resources we will list here are presented for your critical analysis in this way.  They include a variety of perspectives, and each of us will probably agree with some and disagree with others.  The important thing is to be able to explain why.

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