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Past Meetings

10/14/19: This meeting we discussed some of the computational tools available to people in math. The slides from the meeting can be found here.

10/7/19: Dr. Sadovskaya came and gave a talk about fractals including common examples like the Cantor set, Sierpinski triangles, and the Mandelbrot set.

9/30/19: Professor Russel Miller of Queens College CUNY gave a talk titled “Functions That No Computer Can Compute.”

Abstract: We will introduce computability theory, with twist:  the functions to be computed (if possible) are functions on the real numbers.  The usual jumping-off point for this topic is functions on N, but with R we will be able to get our hands on some non-computable functions pretty quickly, and discuss what makes them impossible for a computer to handle.  (This question also turns on one’s method of representing real numbers, which we will also discuss.)  Computability theory is the branch of mathematical logic closest to computer science, but no background in either logic
or computer science will be necessary

9/23/19: In groups, we worked on a set of math problems that came from a mixture of AMC and Putnam problems.

9/16/19: Dr. Hile and her adorable dog came to talk about some dog-themed math centering around the key question: “Do dogs know calculus?”

9/9/19: For our first meeting of the year, we introduced all of the club officers then played a fun game of math Jeopardy.

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