Week 4: The One Where the Steelers Lose to the Worst Team in the League

I may be exaggerating just a little bit when I say that the Steelers lost to the the worst team in the league, but the Buccaneers came into the game 0-3, which technically speaking had them as tied for last in the National Football League, which means officially tied for worst team in the league. Now, of course, if you go here, you will see that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers now have a “1” in the “W” column instead of a “0.” That would be courtesy of the most random team in the NFL, the Steelers (in case you haven’t quite grasped onto that concept yet, I’ve only mentioned it like 4893797 times). The entire game I felt as though the Steelers had the game in the bag, and I felt like I needn’t root that hard because we were playing the worst team in the NFL. The Steelers clearly thought the same way as I did because they sure took their foot off the gas pedal, especially late in the game. The Steelers actually had the ball back on their own 10ish-yard-line, as I recall, and they had to kill a little under 2 minutes of clock plus 2 timeouts of Tampa Bay’s. They, naturally, failed to burn that much clock time, dropping the clock down to near 40 seconds and punting the ball to the Buccaneers near midfield. The rest is history, of course, with the Bucs taking one play and roughly 10 seconds to get back to the Steelers’ 10 yard line, and then proceeding to score the game winning touchdown two plays later. I very vividly telling the people on my floor with whom I was watching the game that I felt like crying when the Buccaneers scored the game-winning touchdown. I thought I was honestly kidding, but when the clock actually hit zero, I (for an instant, mind you) felt an extreme pang of sadness and the warmth that you feel in your eyes when tears are about to flood down your face. I quickly suppressed the urge of course (it wasn’t the Super Bowl or anything), but it was still upsetting to lose to such a bad team. This was especially not helped by being surrounded by proud Eagles fans who, by that point at least, were still undefeated at 3-0.

Emotion and sports are closely related, as seen in my almost-crying example, but emotion should not completely overtake logic in sports. A GREAT example of this would be the complete lack of logic displayed by the great idiots Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell. Remember when I applauded them last post? Not this time, we lost. Mr. Nice Guy is gone. Brown and Bell both have tendencies to annoyingly point in the direction the offense is heading whenever they secure first downs. Needless to say, this act of pompousness makes everyone aggravated and think that the two players are d**ks.



Obviously the writer of this meme ^ agrees with me. Brown also cost the team 15 yards by celebrating like a spinning football which was penalized with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. It is my firm belief that, to be a better team, Mike Tomlin needs to take more control of his players and make them respect their opponents and the league. If the players start to do that, I will be more than proud to say, nay, shout “Go Steelers!”

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