Helpful Resources

There are different resources that may be helpful for teachers, including rubrics for assessing collaborative discourse and guides for supporting online communities of learners. As I develop new coding or assessment rubrics I will add them to this page, especially if requested. Below are papers connected to the resources, with resources below.

Borge, M., Ong, Y.S. & Rosé, C.P. (2018). Learning to monitor and regulate collective thinking processes. International Journal of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning

Borge, M. (2017). Rethinking how we support online learning in the age of isolation and information abundance: An introduction to The CREATE system. International Journal on Innovations in Online Education, 1(3) pp 1-23.

Borge, M., & White, B. (2016). Toward the Development of Socio-Metacognitive Expertise: An Approach to Developing Collaborative Competence. Cognition and Instruction, 34(4), 323-360.


Borge, M., & Goggins, S. (2014). Towards the facilitation of an online community of learners: Assessing the quality of interactions in Yammer. In Proceedings of the International   Conference of the Learning Sciences  (Vol. 14, pp. 753-761).