Resolution: 4 Architecture / The Modern Modular

by Joseph Tanney

For almost 100 years architects have pursed the Holy Grail of Modernism, which is to design a relatively affordable modern domestic space that could be mass-produced, though with varying degrees of success.
Although the single-family home has historically been a focal point in the exploration of architectural ideas, most people do not live in a custom space designed by an architect. In fact, most domestic structures are conceived by developers as products, produced for profit. The efficiency of mass hproduction, both conceptually and physically, has in many ways contributed to the self-same tombstones representing graveyards of complacency otherwise known as the American suburb.
As an alternative to designing a product to be produced, RESOLUTION: 4 ARCHITECTURE has been exploring a process, a method of design that attempts to leverage existing methods of residential prefabrication in order to create custom modern homes specific to each client, site, and budget.
Joseph Tanney will present his firm’s ongoing prefab experiment, THE MODERN MODULAR, including several recently completed projects, the process of implementation, and the ideas behind the work.

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