My primary research interest is the assessment, prevention, and treatment of interpersonal trauma (IPT), such as domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse. In terms of assessment, I am interested in the prevalence and incidence of IPT in specific populations (children, minority groups, etc.), risk and resiliency factors associated with IPT (coping styles, personality variables, social support, etc.), resulting psychopathology (posttraumatic stress, depression, eating disorders, etc.), and changes in behavior, cognition, physiology, and interpersonal relationships as a result of IPT. My focus with regards to prevention includes the effectiveness of primary prevention of IPT on campus and in the community and secondary prevention for individuals at risk for IPT. An overarching goal of my research is to identify factors that may interfere with therapy for IPT survivors and to find or develop adjuncts to treatments to overcome these factors. I also have developed a secondary research interest in body image, body-esteem, and eating disorders.

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