I take a student-centered approach to teaching. I strive to enhance student interest and success in the classroom by connecting class material to students’ real life experiences.  I also stress the importance of critical thinking and encourage student participation through discussion and interactive in-class activities. I believe there are benefits to including online participation as part of the teaching experience, as it takes into consideration the modern styles of communication used by today’s students and allows socially anxious students to engage in the material more readily. I attempt to teach students to think both inductively and deductively about whatever material I am teaching. I use a variety of techniques to facilitate an environment in which learning is enjoyable and comprehension and mastery are more easily attainable.  My overall goal in teaching is to facilitate the creation of an environment in which learning becomes enjoyable and comprehension and mastery is more easily attainable by the students in my class. I have posted the descriptions and syllabi for the courses I teach here, as well as workshops and presentations that I have given outside the classroom to faculty, staff, and community members. 

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