Presentations to Faculty, Staff, and Students

Listed below are presentations I have given in both my area of expertise and productivity in research and teaching. 

Trauma and Mental Health

  • Bystander Barriers: Why Witnesses to Violence Remain Silent and How We Can Improve Bystander Voice
  • How to Be a Better Bystander
  • Proactive Bystander Intervention to Prevent Peer Aggression
  • Bystander Intervention: Campus Civility
  • Feminism, Gender, and Science Fiction
  • A Closer Look at Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs)
  • Unique Challenges for LGBT-Identified Individuals in Domestically-Violent Relationships
  • The IRL of “Young Adult Lit to in Real Life”
  • Working with Veterans and Their Families
  • Be a Voice for Change!
  • Traumatic Memory
  • Promoting Resilience
  • Evidence-Based Treatments for Trauma-Related Disorders
  • Sexual Assault Effects: Victim Witness Coordinator Presentation
  • Knitting and Mental Health

Productivity in Teaching and Research

  • Effective Use of Canvas
  • Ethics in Research
  • Using Electronic Resources to Increase Research Productivity
  • Computerized Resources for Research Productivity
  • So You Want to Write a Grant
  • Writing Groups to Improve Productivity
  • How to Use Undergraduate Research Assistants Effectively
  • How to Review an Article
  • REJECTED! Handling Reviewer and Editor Comments
  • From Conference Presentation to Peer Review Publication
  • How to Write A Lot
  • Networking for Research
  • Using Psychology to Motivate Students
  • Being a Successful Graduate Student