Precision Therapeutics and Bioresponsive Materials Lab

Welcome to the Medina Group at Penn State!

Working at the interface of chemical biology and nanomedicine, WE ARE developing advanced tools that can open new opportunities in precision medicine.

New Paper Accepted in Biomaterials!

New paper titled: "Identification of a Mechanogenetic Link between Substrate Stiffness and Chemotherapeutic Response in Breast Cancer" accepted for publication in Biomaterials.

Janna Sloand receives Best Presentation Award at 2018 MRS Meeting

Janna Sloand receives 'Best Presentation Award' for her talk at the 2018 Materials Research Society meeting on "Template-Driven Peptide Assembly Yields Ultrasound Guided Phase-Changing Nanomaterials". Congratulations Janna! See Penn State announcement here. Special...

New Paper Accepted in Nanomedicine!

Andrew's paper on peptide-polysaccharide nanogels has been accepted for publication in Nanomedicine, titled: "Bioresponsive Peptide-Polysaccharide Nanogels - A Versatile Delivery System to Augment the Utility of Bioactive Cargo."

New Paper in Acta Biomaterialia!

Matthew and Andrew publish their co-authored work in Acta Biomaterialia, titled “Lipopeptisomes: Anticancer peptide-assembled particles for fusolytic oncotherapy“. Nice job...

Our Research

Research in the Precision Therapeutics and Bioresponsive Materials Lab, led by Dr. Scott Medina, interfaces chemical biology and nanotechnology to develop new tools that enable the analysis and precise control of cells in complex biologic microenvironments. Central to our work is understanding how peptides and proteins assemble at natural and non-natural interfaces to form organized structures with unique biochemical functions. Mechanistic insights gained from these studies guide the design of bio-inspired functional materials around which we develop new biosensing and therapeutic strategies to treat infectious disease, inflammation and cancer. To learn more about our work, please click on the images below:

Image-Guided Theranostics

Precision Antimicrobials

Biomimetic Nanomaterials

The Team

 Scott Medina, Ph.D.

 Principal Investigator

 Janna Sloand, M.S.

 Graduate Student

 Andrew Simonson

 Graduate Student

 Atip Lawanprasert

 Graduate Student

Agustey Mongia

 Schreyer Honors Scholar

Matthew Aronson

 Schreyer Honors Scholar

Juan Dalo

 Schreyer Honors Scholar

Danial Nasirullah

 Undergraduate Researcher

Alda Chau

 Undergraduate Researcher
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