The Precision Therapeutics and Bioresponsive Materials lab is located in room B9 of the Hallowell Building, on west campus.  We are equipped with a chemical fume hood, graduate student desks and wet-lab space, as well as a shared mammalian cell culture room complete with a biosafety cabinet, incubators and molecular biology equipment. Our lab is outfitted with the leading instrumentation, and has access to world-class research facilities on campus, allowing us to conduct and support our research work.

Facilities and Resources

Current instrumentation and equipment in the lab includes:

  • CEM, Liberty Blue – automated microwave peptide synthesizer
  • Peptide Technologies Inc., Sonata – large scale automated peptide synthesizer
  • Shimadzu, Prominence Analytical HPLC with photo-diode array for multiple wavelength detection 
  • Shimadzu, Prominence Preparative HPLC with fraction collector
  • Biotek, Cytation 3 – cell imaging and multi-modal reader
  • Agilent, Cary 60 – UV-Vis spectrometer
  • Labconco, FreeZone 4.5L Cascade – benchtop freeze-dry system
  • Labconco, Purifier – class II, type A2 biosafety cabinet for bacterial work
  • Olympus IX50 optical microscope
  • SlavisLab Thermocenter drying oven
  • Mettler Toledo analytical and precision balances
  • Mettler Toledo pH meter


Core and Shared Facilities

Materials Characterization Lab

Nanofabrication Lab

Materials Computation Center 

Microscopy and Cytometry


Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry

Transgenic Mouse Facility

Animal Resource Program

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