Who Am I Reading?

Performing America (John E. Price): Price examines a wide variety of topics within American studies, generally in response to current events and other statements on the field and academia.

The Americanist Diversion (Sarah Ruth Wilson): Wilson investigates the role of gender in our culture, especially through the lens of visual and material culture.

Biologist Theologian Americanist (Becky Cecala): Cecala explores the intersection of science and religion in American thought, as well as the American studies graduate student experience.

Brittany Means: Means is a student of Appalachian studies who seeks to effect change through her research into the religious and Hispanic communities that dwell in the region.

The Urban (Social) Blend (Andrea Glass): Glass surveys the landscape of the modern city, gentrification, and urban culture. If it’s going on in New York City and the greater mid-Atlantic region, Glass is on it.

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