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If you are having problems with equipment or applications outside the Meteorology Department (e.g. email, Access Account, wireless connectivity), contact Penn State ITS support at or call 814-865-4357.

To obtain computer support for problems or requests within the Meteorology Department computing infrastructure, send an email to the Department support mailing list.

Please be complete when describing problems.  The following information is useful in helping support staff diagnose problems:

  • Department-assigned name of the computer you are working on
  • The location of the computer you are working on (unless it’s a server)
  • Description and symptoms of the problem you are having
  • If software, what steps you took leading up to the problem
  • Error messages you received

Please include a short descriptive summary of the problem on the subject line.



In an absolute emergency, please call: 814-863-3094 or 814-865-0478.


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