Getting Started

Welcome to the Penn State Department of Meteorology!

Access to computer systems and infrastructure at Penn State is controlled by an Access Account.  The Access Account serves as your digital identity at Penn State.  Employees and students should apply for a full Access Account by filling out an Access Account Application form (linked on the Access Account page) and submitting it either by regular mail, email or fax to the ITS Accounts Services Office in 204 Wagner Building. After allowing up to three days for processing, you may proceed to a signature station where you will present your Penn State ID card and receive your account name and password.  Students will usually receive their accounts during New Student Orientation, but if not, they may use the signature station as well. Individuals who are not employees or students of Penn State but have a requirement to access departmental systems may apply for a sponsored account with approval of the Department.

After receiving your Penn State Access Account ID and password, it may take one more day to activate your account for use.  Once activated, you may begin logging into systems at Penn State and within the Meteorology Department. For full access accounts, an easy way to test access is to log onto the Penn State account configuration portal,  After successfully logging in, you will find information and settings for your account such as storage allocation, password update options, email settings, and helpful links to other Penn State resources.  If you are having trouble logging into your Penn State Access Account more than one day after receiving your account name and password (and you don’t have the caps-lock button locked on!), please contact the Penn State help desk at 814-865-4357.

There are a wealth of resources available through your Penn State access account… some are University-wide, some are College-based, while others are installed and supported within the Meteorology Department.  More details on the Department infrastructure can be found at the Meteorology Department Facilities FAQ.

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