Why America needs Kodak Black

Well there he is.  The tattooed, grill-having, uneducated high school dropout jailbird from Pompano Beach, Florida, Dieuson Octave (Kodak Black).  That is what many people, and many of my friends specifically, think about when they think of the 19 year old rapper.  And I cannot blame them, because the masses have taken a liking to his less insightful music.  However, the young artist has released an astonishing amount of music for his age, and much of it is far more brilliant than people would expect.  Songs like “Too many years” and “Heart of the Projects” dive into racial issues involving the law and courts as well as black on black crime issues.  Kodak’s lesser known music suggests that he has a pretty mature view of the world around him, suggesting that his people are treated unfairly but at the same time there is too much inner violence in ghettos.  This country needs Dieuson, because he represents the fact that though he may look “gangster” and his accent would suggest that he is “uneducated,” he has a very perceptive understanding of current issues.  He is a perfect symbol to solidify that the way one looks does not define who they are or what they stand for.  It is easy to look at someone and write them off for their appearance, but it is necessary to refrain from that, and to attempt to get to know a person and their beliefs through conversation so that America can resolve the racial tension and generalizations that have heightened recently.

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