Say No to Coal







Since January 2013, Penn state started to use natural gas rather than coal to produce steam for heating, cooling, cooking, lab work and laundry in campus wide. Why do we want to use natural gas instead of coal to produce energy?


Even though natural gas is a nonrenewable resource, it is much cleaner than coal. The burning of natural gas mainly produces small amount of NO2 and CO2, with much lower quantities than burning other fossil fuels. By switching steam plants to natural gar, Penn State can reduce a considerable amount of greenhouse gas and provides more fresh air for our living environment.

According to OPP datas, by using natural gas, Penn State estimates a 47% less in CO2 emissions, which equals 99,000 metric tons of CO2.

Average annual CO2 emission for a single car is about:

(all data based on average) 400g/mi x 12,000mi/yr = 4.8 x 106 g  of CO2,

4.8 x 106 g = 4.8 tons of CO2.

99,000tons/4.8tons = 20,625

which means, 99,000 tons of CO2 reduced by penn state equals around 20,000 small vehicles’ total annual CO2 emission.









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