Water you Doing? Don’t be Stupid!

Tons of Americans are spending way more a month on their water bills than they should be NOT TO MENTION wasting millions trillions of gallons of water due to small leaks around the house. According to this article, we need to start taking initiative and fix our leaks!

1 faucet leaking per minute = 34 wasted gallons of water per year

BUT a normal faucet leaks 10 times per minute which then equals 526 wasted gallons of water per year

34 wasted gallons of water x 1 million homes with leaky faucets = 34 million gallons of water wasted a year

1 running toilet = 1,000 – 4,000 wasted gallons of water per day

lawn sprinkler systems with leaks = 6,300 wasted gallons of water each month

If you’re just an average homeowner who thinks that a leaky faucet, running toilet, or leaky sprinkler system are just no big deal, here’s how much water you’d be wasting a week:

Faucet: [(526 wasted gallons water per year per 10 leaks per minute)/(525,949 minutes per year] = 0.001 wasted gallons water per minute x 10,080 minutes per week = 10.08 wasted gallons of water per week

Toilet: 1,000 wasted gallons water per day x 7 days a week = 7,000 wasted gallons of water per week

Lawn system: [(6,300 wasted gallons water per month)/(4 weeks per month)] = 1,575 wasted gallons of water per week.

Total wasted gallons of water per week = 10.08 + 7,000 + 1,575 = 8, 585.08 gallons

Just by having what you would assume to be small leaks, are actually costing you close to 9,000 gallons of water, and your money, all going down the drain. That is too high. Granted, you might not have all 3 leaking at the same time, but still, they are all simple fixes that cost you or money down the road. We should all support the EPA in their “Fix A Leak” campaign especially now when some places in California are in a serious drought.

4 thoughts on “Water you Doing? Don’t be Stupid!

  1. Wei Dai

    Though I’m already tired about reading water-saving posts, I still need say that you have made your point.

  2. oma5060

    Wow, i definitely will tell my mother about this because we always have leaky faucets

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