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Can a Hybrid Save Me Money ?


Since the oil demanded from Europe is low, gas prices across the nation about about to drop below $2 per gallon by February since 2009. However, this decrease in gas price does not necessarily mean we are saving as much money as we possible can.

Take a regular compact car as an example; the 2014 Toyota Yaris gets approximately 32 MPG in cities, with a 16-gallon gas tank. If a person drives spends most of his time driving in the cities, assuming that the gas price is 2 dollars per gallon, with a full tank he can drive

16 gal x 32 miles / gal = 512 miles

with the a cost of

$ 2 / gal x 16 gal = $32.

However, a person who owns a hybrid, a 2014 Toyota Prius for example, with 50MPG in cities and 16-gallo gas tank, can drive

12 gal x 50 miles / gal = 600 miles

with the same cost of the Yaris’ .

From another perspective, Hybrid cars also do less harm to the environment than do conventional cars. A conventional compact sedan emits about 87 pounds of CO2 while a hybrid electric car only emits 57 pounds of CO2.

It is because of the fuel economy that an environmental friendly car can deliver that the latest Consumer Reports has concluded that about 39 percent are considering buying a hybrid for their next car. Even though a hybrid car usually costs about 3000 to 4000 dollars more than a regular car, not only will owning a hybrid benefit the consumer, but it will also be favorable to the environment.



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