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Carbon Emissions Around the World

The average carbon emissions per person varies from place to place across the globe.  In America for example, each person was responsible for 19.8 tons in 2009.  China however, which is above the U.S. in total carbon emissions, was only at 4.6 tons a person (because they have a faster growing population).  By using a carbon footprint calculator, I was able to calculate the total carbon emissions (in a combo of home energy, driving/flying, food/diet, and recycling/waste) for my family and I (3 people) back home in western PA.  It came out to about 86 tons per year and then gave me some tips to help reduce that number.  I think if we all started to do a few small steps (like using more energy efficient lightbulbs and buying hybrid vehicles) we could lower our own and our nation’s carbon footprint a lot.