Unit One Speech

Retrospect always tends to make things more clear.  Naturally, looking back on my Unit One Assignment, there are certain things that I would have done differently, both in writing and in delivering my speech.

When drafting my assignment, I tried to maintain a formal tone throughout.  However, with such a relatively small audience (and a very familiar one at that), it may have been better to use a more relaxed style.  Considering that I was speaking to classmates, I believe an informal approach may have allowed me to connect better to the audience and thereby convey my points more easily.

Furthermore, while I have never liked to use dramatic openings, beginning my introduction with more specific information about World War I may have garnered more interest in my speech and better held the attention of my audience.

Although practicing my speech was largely effective, I will probably do it somewhat differently next time.  To familiarize myself with my speech, I mainly performed read-throughs, rehearsing individual sections and gradually building up to the entire speech.  While this helped me remember the lines, it did not allow me to analyze how I was delivering them.  In the future, I would like to try recording my speech for review or having someone else give me feedback while I am practicing.

I also made the mistake of trying to make some last minute changes to my speech shortly before giving it, which made me less familiar with the version that I intended to deliver.  For the next speech that I have to deliver, I will probably stop editing at least one day in advance.

There are likely many more things regarding my speech that I will want to change and improve after reviewing the video of it.  While I have never been entirely satisfied with any speech that I have given (this one included), I have been able to learn something from each one.  As long as the Unit One Assignment helps me to improve, I will be glad for the experience.

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  2. Yeah, I’m nervous to see my recording too (once I actually give the speech). I thought you did a wonderful job, and you analyzed yourself well. Nice entry!

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