Second Semester Concepts

For my “This I Believe” Podcast, I am considering writing/speaking about the importance of quiet.  Our present society seems so enamored with distractions (made constantly available by technology) that we seldom take time to unplug; however, in an increasingly busy world we need undisturbed time for clear thought more than ever.  Similarly, I have considered discussing the necessity of focus.  Studies have shown that multitasking is essentially an impossible feat, yet we continue to try juggling an ever-larger number of tasks.

In regards to my Passion Blog, I intend to continue writing on the topic that I used last semester.  Learning about unique customs from around the world was an interesting process, and although I have tried to come up with another subject, I cannot think of any that I would be able to easily sustain for ten weeks.

There are a lot of possibilities for the Civic Issues Blog, and it will obviously depend on the category that I am assigned.  However, I am particularly interested in foreign policy and issues of diplomacy, especially as many situations abroad (Iran’s nuclear program, the pending security agreement with Afghanistan, etc.) grow increasingly delicate.  Environmental issues are also very interesting, especially domestically.  From the BP oil spill to the more recent Freedom Industries water contamination, the balance between industry and environmental safety has become a large concern for the majority of Americans.


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  1. I think you should write your “This I believe” assignment on how quietness is essential to our lives, since I’ve heard about that before but never really cared for it more. Also, I agree, that you should probably continue with your old passion blog if you are so interested in it. Lastly, I think it would be cool if you wrote about the environment for your civic issues blog since that is such a large topic right now.

  2. For the civic issues, I do like the foreign policy idea. For passion blog, your idea seems well built and it looks like you know where you want to go with it so I’d say go with it. Finally for the this I believe podcast, it would be really interesting to hear what you have to say about multitasking.

  3. I like all of your ideas. I think the one about the idea of quiet could be super interesting and puts a unique spin on the whole technology issue. I think continuing your passion blog from last semester is a solid idea. Foreign policy is a good topic and one that probably won’t be too repeated amongst the other bloggers.

  4. All your topics sounds good. For the Civic Issues I’d go with foreign policy. I feel like environmental issues are over talked about and I’d enjoy learning about foreign affairs.

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