Final Topics (Passion and Civic Issues Blogs)

I have decided to continue using my Passion Blog topic from the Fall semester: Cultures and Customs.  It gives me the opportunity to delve into some lesser-known traditions from around the world, and I have a hard time thinking of anything else that would keep my interest for another ten weeks.

For the Civic Issues Blog I will be examining U.S. Foreign Policy and Diplomacy.  Recently, there seem to be a lot of issues related to how problems being are handled, many of which are interrelated.  The Syrian Peace Conference being held in Switzerland, for instance, has fueled long-standing conflicts between several Western nations and Iran.  I hope to gain more insight into how complex issues are intertwined and the intricacies of modern-day diplomacy.

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    Final Topics (Passion and Civic Issues Blogs) | Cultures and Customs

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