Passion Blog Topic Ideas

The first idea that I thought of to write for my passion blog was how wars affect cultural heritage and archaeological artifacts.  This is something that I have been very passionate about for a long time, and was a big influence on the choosing of my major.  I could write about different topics like looting, terrorism, and different antiquities laws that are relevant in those areas.  They also seem to discuss this issue a bit in a couple of my classes, so I could tie in things that I learn from there into my blogs.

However, I thought that this might become very challenging, since I would have to do a lot of research to keep it current.  Since it is my first semester, I thought I should come up with a couple of other ideas that might be easier to write about.

The second topic I came up with was going to all of the different dining halls and trying and reviewing their food.  I know that my friends and I don’t always like the food in our local dining hall, and it is never open when we are hungry, so this could be a good way to figure out when to eat and where.  This could also be helpful to my fellow classmates, as they may be having the same issue with the dining hours, or not enjoying the food in their hall. (I’m not sure if the schedule is any different in the other dining halls, but that is something I could find out)

Another idea that I could possibly do is review the various work out classes.  After each class I could write about what I liked, what I didn’t like, and if I go multiple times maybe like the class level and the amount of people who typically show up to each class.