RCL # 7

The two photos that I chose were the one which says “Iraqis watch a 3-D movie in Baghdad, 2010” on the 25th page after 210 and a picture on the 28th page after 210, which depict Somali children trying to feed a starving woman.  I originally chose the first picture because I liked how the bright yellow really stood out in contrast to the dark room.  I feel as if that this is almost symbolic to a bright burst of happiness in a dark time.  I also like how it showed a picture of people doing things that, as Americans, we ourselves often do.  Most of the other pictures that she took are not as relatable.  There is no war on American soil, and while there is hunger here, it is not something that is portrayed as often.  Because of this, we can sometimes almost distance ourselves from the issues that are happening around the world.  However, seeing pictures of people doing things that we have experienced ourselves makes it feel more real.  I chose the second picture because it made me think of hope.  This woman has just escaped a horrible drought and as you can see by the look on her face, she is exhausted.  These children, who do not know her at all, see her right after she crosses the boarder, and offer her food.

As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  Lyndsey Addario is a master at this.  She uses her photos to give us a more in depth understanding of what is really happening there.  While we are able to paint a picture in our minds through her thoughts and memories, having an actual photograph makes it seem more real.  Likewise, I think that perhaps if I add pictures of things from the dining halls, like the food or even of my friends having a good time, people reading it might be able to feel a deeper connecting to my blog as they do with Addario’s pictures.

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